Britain First

Britain First! Britain First!

Drilled into our brains from birth

Is the notion that





The best culutre,

The best food,

Oh wait, did I hear “Indian takeaway?”

Sorry, too rude?

The same Indians who

Fought for Indepedence


Who we denied for the sake

Of Empire and glory,

Who blames them for their distrust?

Even now in the ‘Age of Change’,

If you’re not white,

You’re not right,

And we want you to leave.

Must we forget our pillaging

And stealing

To build up brick by brick this

‘Great’ Britain we’re leading.

Fuck off strong and stable,

How about reliable?

We don’t want the past back,

It’s time to move on now!


Equality out,

Austerity in,

A way to keep us in order

No cracks in the the hierarchy,

We’re all packaged in.

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