Self-care, Skincare and me

So up until a few months ago, I wasn’t really someone massively into skin care. To me, all I needed was my micellar cleansing water, Nivea moisturiser and occasionally a face mask from lush. However, especially these last couple of months, I have really come to appreciate ‘self care’. I think it’s so important to just stop, slow down and take time to rebalance yourself. Self care and skincare have become part of my daily routine. Due to that, I thought I’d share some of the stuff I’m using currently. (Btw anything that has been gifted will be noted). So here’s the 3 parts of my skincare routine…

1) Bath Time

Who else just loves to run a hot bath and put on a face mask? Or 3? I love using these 3 masks to kinda exfoliate, detoxify and moisturise my skin. Then, I use the lush deep sleep shower jelly mainly to give my skin a yummy lavender scent.

  • Garnier Skinactive PureActive 3-in-1
  • Organik Botanik Boosting Pomegranate Face Mask
  • Alya skin Pink Perfect Australian Pink Clay Mask (gifted)
  • Lush Deep Sleep shower jelly

2) Cleansing

I’m all about that cleansing at the moment. With living in London and wearing makeup most days, Cleansing becomes so important. Mostly I use the dermalogica products, to give a basic cleanse. Sometimes when my skin is really really bad I will use the garnier cleansing water on my little spotties.

  • Dermalogica precleanse (gifted)
  • Dermalogica special cleansing gel (gifted)
  • Garnier SkinActive PureActive micellar cleansing water

Also a little shoutout to this beauty, which I picked this up in tkmaxx a little while ago. It is a cleansing cloth, which means you can use it to take off makeup with just water! One side of the cloth I use for taking off makeup, and the other for when I’m using products. It’s great for the environment and softer on the skin.

  • Magnitone London Cleansing Cloth

3) Pre-makeup

Yet another stage, but something that’s nice to do before makeup. The two dermalogica products are great to moisturise and prime my skin. As a little extra, I usually use one of the oil drops from 3ina as well to make my skin look a little healthier and brighter.

  • Dermalogica skin smoothing cream (gifted)
  • Dermalogica skinperfect primer (gifted)
  • 3ina Energy oil drops (gifted)
  • 3ina Detox oil drops (gifted)

While I don’t use all these products everyday, they are all pretty handy in my weekly skincare routine. I’m aware I use a lot of products, which not everyone has the time to do but any self care is always a bonus for your skin and your heart. Look after yourself and your skin 🙂


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