What Love Island Has Revealed About Modern Dating

The popular ITV show is now on its fourth season, and it doesn’t seem like this will be the last. Nearly 3 million people watched the launch episode of the new series, with many young people tuning in to see the antics of these 20/30 year olds.

But what does Love Island reveal about the way people date in the modern world? And why does the show appeal to so many?

The biggest thing I have picked up on, is the use of the word “happier” in the villa. People will be very secure in their couple… until they think they might be happier somewhere else. Adam did this with Kendall and Rosie. Megan did this with Eyal, Wes, and Alex.

Personally, I find this behaviour completely problematic, and I don’t think it’s contained just within the Villa. In a way, the villa is like a microcosm of the dating world in society. Men and women alike spend their time always looking for the ‘ideal’ person. People are so preoccupied in fulfilling their ‘type’ or being happier that they don’t always realise what they have. Being brought up in a society full of filters and appearances, everyone always looks for ‘better’.

But I think this is a dangerous way to think. To always want ‘better’ creates a mindset of finding the perfect person. But this creates an unending circle. Because there is no perfect person. A person is ‘perfect’ for someone personally, regardless of looks or personality. To always chase after being happier means you shall never find true happiness.

New Jack chose New Laura because he felt he could be happier with her, over OG Laura. At least Laura was able to pick herself back up and get to know Paul. But in the outside world, life doesn’t always work out like that. You aren’t just picked by a certain number of people to go on a date. Recouplings don’t happen every week.

I think in some ways we should look at our grandparents. Some of them have been together for over 70 years because they would work through their problems. They wouldn’t ‘crack on’ with someone new to see if they would be happier. People were settled and happy with what they had. And I think we need some of that wisdom.

My advice to everyone is: when something seems good, than it is. Unless they treat you terribly or hurt you, than you should believe in the person you are with. Don’t end something good to find something ‘better’.

Hopefully shows like Love Island will open our eyes to these kinds of things, and help us to change how we think about relationships.


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