Rework and Relove Your Wardrobe

Everyone gets the dilemma when they receive a party invite: what the hell am I going to wear? First, you think: well do I go casual or fancy? Second: guess I better go shopping then? And we have all done it, going round the local shopping centre trying things on and rejecting them, and then eventually finding the dream outfit online.

But have we thought about what’s already in our wardrobe? This year I did the same old trip of going round the shops trying to find something. Either I would find things I just couldn’t see myself in, or something that would have broken the bank. And so I looked to my wardrobe. In the end, that’s where I found ‘the outfit’.

Above is what I eventually wore:

Dress: Apricot from two years ago

Blazer: Primark, that I actually used to wear for sixth form

Shoes: New Look, donated from the wardrobe of mum, who couldn’t quite manage the heel on them.

What did it cost me? £0.00 (which leaves money over for drinks)

The outfit cost me nothing, and I still scrubbed up pretty well. Maybe it wasn’t the most ‘on trend’ outfit, but I was comfy and I fit the brief of a party outfit. So if you want to save some pennies, wear something that you know you already love. Why not look into your wardrobe for some inspiration?

So, I have a task for all you instagram users to delve into your wardrobe and put together an outfit from all your lovely well-loved clothes, take a photo of yourself in it and use the hashtag #reworkandrelove and tag me @_amberlance so I can see all your lovely creations!!!


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