What Instagram Has Taught Me About Female Solidarity

Okay, so I’ve been on Instagram for nearly 7 years – 2013!! (God I can’t believe it, I’m getting old). For most of that time I posted what I wanted, curated my feed and occasionally interacted with the people I followed and who followed me. Mostly this was in the comments sections of posts, and rarely reached dms.

The last year has changed that dynamic. I’ve spoken to people more and been way more engaged than in the past. I’ve actually messaged people in dms and sparked up a conversation. I’ve found people who share similar interests and made friends. In return it means I’ve built up a following who actually want to listen to what I have to say, and vice versa.

But probably the most important thing I’ve learnt this past year is… GIRL POWER, the power of women when they come together.

Typically, I’ve always been the kind of person that’s said “I can’t stand bitchiness”, or “I’m not really a girly girl”. I never meant these statements any harm intentionally, I always meant that I kept myself to myself and not really been one to ‘dress up’. I always tended to drift towards guys or what I designated ‘non-girly girls’. I think to some extent this then meant any girls outside of that category almost became competition for me.

It wasn’t until I started interacting with all the amazing female creatives on Instagram that I started to realise how silly I’d been. These girls I’d always seen so separate to me actually had things in common. I’d just failed to realise it.

And it doesn’t mean they these women share all the same interests as me. If anything, the opposite. I’ve enjoyed the fact that we all have our own unique style (fashion and editing), and that we can all interact as individuals. Not sheep of each other. Being different means we can learn from one another too. And that’s so exciting.

2020 and the next decade needs to be about helping out all the women around me. About lifting each other, not putting each other down, because we’ll all we been in a better place in the long run.

One person I’d like to thank is Tara (personal IG: @thatdweebtara, film IG: @endoffilm). (Also seen above, right at the front!). She recently arranged a ‘London Girl’ shoot, organising a group of girls on Instagram that all share the same love to post photos and creative content. She arranged it so well and it was so lovely to meet so many young creative women at once. We bonded, we took some pictures, and ultimately just enjoyed ourselves. That’s the main thing.

The photos you may have noticed throughout this article were all taken by Tara. So I highly recommend you go over to @endoffilm and check out her content! She’s an amazing film photographer, always creating such beautiful images.

Especially in the UK at the moment, it feels as important as ever to all join together and support one another. To create a space where everyone’s voice is welcome and heard. I can’t wait for what we’re gonna create.

(This photo above is an edit by @teadayblogs – again I highly recommend!)


My IG: @tawnyleaves


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