The Radicalised and Racist White: What are They Fighting?

On Saturday 13th June white nationalists descended in a swarm of old spice and Stella onto central London. They were there, supposedly, to “protect” the statue of Winston Churchill from “violent attack”. I’m not sure if they’re aware that stone can’t bleed but we’ll let that one slide.

This group has many names by many different people. EDL, White nationalists, right wing extremists, patriots. But what I think is happening is that we’re avoiding calling them what they really are. And that’s racists.

Okay, so they say they have come down to protect Churchill sacred cenotaph. The same Churchill they hail as their hero for defeating the Nazis in “the War”. Ignoring his blatant racism, okay. So how do we explain the very same group of people performing Nazi salutes to the very same statues? Are they confused or are they ignorant? Baiting their blessed Churchill with the salutes of his enemies. Hmm, sure makes sense, right?

Their neo-Nazism points to their real purpose. Churchill was the excuse, the storefront to their real insidiousness. This is not about patriotism, it’s about spouting their racist rhetoric. Flooding down in their balding droves to start a race riot. Unleashing their hate in full force to start a civil war.

But, London I’m proud of you. To all the BLM protestors and supporters who stayed at home, you avoided falling into their trap. Instead of giving them a race riot, we met their hostility with silence. And we waited with baited breath to see what they would say.

And their message was what we expected: hate. Pure unleashed drunk and disorderly, their role of protectors soon turned into the role of aggressors. Without provocation, smashing their beer-bellied bodies into crowds of police officers. Picking up the fists they’ve been waiting so long to use.

In a lot of the clips, these men can be seen barrelling towards much smaller female officers. These men that pride themselves so much in their masculinity and testosterone rage throwing themselves against someone half their size. They obviously not heard the phrase “pick on someone your own size”, hey?

Let’s also not ignore the man urinating on the memorial of a police officer. That protecting seems to really be going well. So you scream and yell when someone vandalises your sacred idols but pissing on them is fine?

What we saw yesterday was disgusting. It was also a little scary. We got a taster of what could happen in this country. But we did not give them what they wanted. And we need to continue to ignore their ignorance. LBC’s James O’Brien recently wrote on Twitter:

These men are so angry without knowing why. They are angry at a system that has constantly screwed over the working class, both black and white. That has ignored their demands and their needs. A group hit by austerity. But none of which they seem able to voice. Instead they use their bodies, use their fists, and use cheap lager to heighten their rage.

Blaming others instead of blaming the same system they are angry at. Turning their hate into racism to ignore the fact that both these white nationalists and the BLM protestors are fighting against the same system. They cannot even see this for themselves.

This is not the time for a race riot. This needs to be a time to mobilise. With so many people currently invested in the current political climate, this is the time to act. To demand change. Working together, to stay active, and to use our voices, that might be possible.

The more divided we become, the more polarised, the less we will gain change for any of the multiplicity of issues in the UK.

Let’s not forget that 3 years ago 72 people died in Grenfell. A short term save on cladding that has caused a long term amount of pain for the families and survivors of all those that died or lost their homes that day.

The government are not going to change. If they aren’t challenged they will continue to widen the gap between the rich and the poor. To keep themselves at the top.

If we want the change we must demand it. Stay together and start a revolution. Start the beginning of the era of systematic change. Actually make this the land of equal opportunity. A country where paedophiles aren’t allowed to hold positions in our entertainment history. A country that doesn’t allow the sexual abuse of children. A country that won’t let what happened to Grenfell ever happen again. A country that cares about everyone in its society, not just those with enough money to appease the powerful.


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